Absolutely Brilliant

Absolutely Brilliant

Gallant Heart Media
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Syncopated rhythms from upbeat drums and guitar set the stage for this rollicking-good-time of a track. Select from four variations. The track with colorful, spirited vocals can highlight an “absolutely brilliant” idea, product, or creation. Also available, are tracks without vocals that feature guitar and horns or piano. 

4 Versions Included:

Absolutely Brilliant (0:41)

Absolutely Brilliant with Guitar & Horns (0:43)

Absolutely Brilliant without Vocals (0:41)

Absolutely Brilliant with Piano (0:41)

Upon purchase, the watermark will be removed and the Licensee shall immediately receive the music (in MP3 and WAV formats) as well as the music license document that specifies the terms of the agreement for the specific license purchased. A downloadable PDF license CERTIFICATE that confirms the Licensee’s right to use the music in accordance with the royalty-free license will be e-mailed within 3-5 business days. Note: The album art and synchronized video exist solely as visual imagery to present the music and are not part of the purchase.

Gallant Heart Media offers three tiers of licenses--Standard, Extended, and Premium--depending on the needs of the Licensee. The chart below provides a quick reference. Each purchase covers a “single application” license for one allowed use. A separate license is required for each usage (e.g., for each project or for each Client). 

(Please see "Music Licensing Terms & Conditions" for details re: licensing with Gallant Heart Media.) 

License Type


Standard License

Social Media (e.g., YouTube excluding podcasts, Instagram, TikTok)

Digital Ads


Extended License


Indie Films (not produced or financed by a major studio)

OTT/Streaming (e.g., Netflix, Hulu)

Videos on Demand

Apps & Video Games

Music used as part of a single physical product sold for redistribution (e.g., DVD).

Premium License

Films Released in Theaters

TV Series

TV and Radio Advertisements

Note: Public performance rights are not included. Public performance royalties are paid by the applicable Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to composers and publishers for the public broadcast of music. These royalties come from blanket license fees paid to the PRO by businesses who broadcast music (e.g., radio and television stations, live venues, restaurants).