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Upgrade License

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Upgrade your previously purchased royalty-free music license to a newer license based on your updated needs.


Standard to Extended: $450

Extended to Premium: $2,000

Standard to Premium:  $2,450

The chart below provides a quick reference. Please see "Music Licensing Terms & Conditions" for details re: licensing with Gallant Heart Media. 

License Type


Standard License

Social Media (e.g., YouTube excluding podcasts, Instagram, TikTok)

Digital Ads


Extended License


Indie Films (not produced or financed by a major studio)

OTT/Streaming (e.g., Netflix, Hulu)

Videos on Demand

Apps & Video Games

Music used as part of a single physical product sold for redistribution (e.g., DVD).

Premium License

Films Released in Theaters

TV Series

TV and Radio Advertisements