About Gallant Heart Media

Pictured: Erin—GHM Owner, Singer, Composer, Designer, Author & Publisher

My passions are many! I have been fortunate to explore and pursue various interests and walks of life. I emerged from the womb with a solid set of pipes, foreshadowing a love affair with singing and all things musical. Throughout my formative years and beyond, I had broad musical training—in voice, piano, orchestra, chorus, French horn, and guitar. Actually, the love affair is with the vocal, the musical, the visual (painting), the kinesthetic (gymnastics, ballet, jazz, tango, flamenco, salsa, and bachata, chronologically), and a desire to positively impact and transform others' lives through meaningful, heart-filled interactions and work.

Four years of liberal arts study and theatre performance as part of a 12-member acting ensemble at university led to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, followed by roles in theatre, musical theatre, and television. A Master of Arts degree in Communicative Disorders led to a career in speech-language pathology in the hospital, home health, telehealth, and corporate settings. Undoubtedly, these experiences helped birth Gallant Heart Media, my one-of-a-kind brainchild . . . or shall I say . . . "heartchild." 

As a therapist (and just plain human being), I am reminded every day how precious life is. Some of the most memorable and profound interactions of my life have been with clients who had not yet developed or who had lost the ability to verbally communicate. Despite their palpable frustration caused by a difficulty to express or comprehend languagesometimes both—together, along with their loved ones, we transcended some of their darkest moments by communicating via the light that is laughter, gestures, unconditional love, music, and yes, dance. The vocal, musical, visual, kinesthetic, and energetic reminded them (and me) of our humanity, our fortitude, and perhaps most important of all, our lovability regardless of circumstances. I create mementos that capture and preserve the essence of that everlasting love that defies boundaries.

The offerings here may shift and evolve over time, but their essence will remain the same—treasured keepsakes and unique works of art that celebrate love, life, family, and togetherness . . . media with a heart for all hearts. 

Each work is designed to enhance and uplift. Celebrate your journey or give the gift of a lifetime from this inspiration station. May you and your loved ones live an inspired life!