"You're My Treasure" Songbook (Customized Audiobook with Music)
"You're My Treasure" Songbook (Customized Audiobook with Music)

"You're My Treasure" Songbook (Customized Audiobook with Music)

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This heartfelt audiobook is popular as a gift for newborns, children, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Told through poetry and song, this story salutes and celebrates love through some of life's most meaningful stages. The joyous birth of a newborn, the exuberant bliss of a wedding day, and the pure pride of caregiving are mere precursors to a final chapter where you and your loved one bask in each other's love for years to come! 

Customize the final chapter with your loved one's name. Remind the special people of your life how much you love them with this memorable chorus sung by each character, and ultimately, by you:     

          [Insert name], you're my treasure, the apple of my eye.                 

          Loved beyond all measure, you'll always be my "why."             

         Whenever you need comfort, right here I'll always be.

         My love will never waver; it's solid as a stout oak tree.

A little over six-and-a-half minutes, this is perfect for storytime with your loved one of any age.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself speaking and singing along after just one listen, as the refrains and chorus are just that memorable.

Note: The fourth, or "You/Your Loved One" chapter, when purchased by itself, begins with the poetry, "Right now as I hold you, [insert name], my sweet."

Also available: Customize the "You're My Treasure" canvas print with your loved one's name and photo from the "Custom Art" collection or consider the customized bundle (with songbook, canvas, and FREE notebook) for the ultimate gift. 

Duration: 6:39 (4 Chapters), 4:52 (3 Chapters), 1:45 (1 Chapter)